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MILHE was born with bass guitar in hand. Melbourne in the 70s & early 80s had a seething live rock culture, arguably the most concentrated in the world and it was here this young upstart got his grounding in the one thing that drove his passion and imagination. Beginning a street level career behind the bass and in front of the microphone he led a number of original local bands of the era: an exciting and revolutionary period in  Australian music dominated by the likes of ACDC, The Angels, Men at Work and INXS. His distinctive voice, aggressive melodic bass attacks and songs helped carve a niche within a fiercely competitive playing field, this in turn helped him secure work across the city.

After years of energetic live performance he took time out of the public eye to raise a young family, returning with an even greater hunger in the late 90s. This revitalized drive to throw himself back into the live arena led to his selection as bassist in Darkroom and No Exit,  two of the country's hardest working and best loved tribute bands performing the music of The Angels. The instant recognition of The Angels,  Australia's most successful and iconic late 70s/80s post-punk band, has further raised MILHE's own profile as a charismatic, high in demand live performer helping draw large audiences across the country. Parallel to his demanding work schedule with these bands, he desperately committed time to write, record and debut his own original music. The result is a 6 track EP Shake the dust and dirt off. Hit the MUSIC tab above and listen now!

In 2018 returns with an anticipated new single and video, The feel of the moment.