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About the songs on my debut EP

01 Shake the dust and dirt off
At last you may say “A happy song” This is about looking ahead to a new beginning. A vision of hope if you like, beyond moving forward. Getting closer to reaching the light at the far end of a long and dark tunnel.

02 Let me be the one
I think the lyrics for this song say it all.....there’s not much more that I can add, except that forgiveness is a virtue.

03 Behave
This song fueled the vehicle that has taken me on the long journey of self healing.
“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."  Hippocrates

04 Lied
This is my subconscious homage to “Mr John Lennon” and the R n R album from way back......I think my last verse in this song sums up the story.... “ When the trust in love is gone, that moment changes all. You can’t move on from there, you know.”

05 Are you doing the right thing
This song appears to be the most popular from the feed back I’ve been getting. It’s a song about self reflection, hope and embracing change.

06 I’m here for you
My most challenging role as a parent is protecting my children from harm. But as they get older, protecting them is pretty much out of my control. Learning to let go is not easy, but I have little choice. I love them and trust in them; as I hope that they trust in me to always be there for them. With the accompaniment of the beautiful voice of Nunzia Navanteri aka “Nunzia” makes this song my favourite.


MILHE: vocals, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drum programming

Denis Madjar: guitar solo on 'Shake the dust and dirt off' and 'Are you doing the right thing'. Additional guitar on 'Let me be the one'

John Benevoli: guitar solo on 'Lied'. Additional guitar on 'Lied' and 'Behave'

Alien Skin: keyboards on 'I'm here for you'

Nunzia: backing vocals on 'I'm here for you'




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