MILHE presents himself stripped and naked to the bone. The Australian singer songwriter matured in glittering popland but his melancholic bass driven music, forged by his observation of personal relationships that cut across that smiling veneer, finds him smack in the centre of it


Popland, the saccharine fantasy is also a place of torn bodies and torn emotions while melancholy casually bleeds through its porous surface. Working through his own individual experiences, loves and losses, his major work Melancholy in Popland was born.


An album of accessible melodic turmoil Melancholy in Popland embodies and best defines MILHE's intimate understanding of what produces sincere, memorable and hook laden melancholic pop.


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Stereo Stickman magazine

Sleeping Bag Studios

'Approval' Placed #3 in playlist of "2019 Best of the Best Indie Releases" by "Stereo Stickman" an independent music community & online magazine from the UK.