The feel of the moment Single released 2018




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Song Review 29 January 2018 by Rebecca Cullen Musician & writer with an MA in Songwriting.


It’s been over a year since we first delved into the music of Milhe – the EP Shake Off The Dust & Dirt appeared as a crisp, stylish yet timeless rock project. The artist’s brand new release is one that comes through with a whole collection of enjoyable, creative moments, as well some easily recognisable songwriting, and a bright, memorable melody.


The first thing that hits you with The Feel Of The Moment is the opening guitar riff – it’s a simple set of notes, smoothly bound together in a cool and quickly appealing way. Surrounding this, the warmth of a wash of keys make up a light and dreamlike backdrop – an easy to absorb chord progression gradually evolves in a fresh yet satisfying way. The development of the melody follows a similar pathway. The verses present a story-telling style of performance, then comes the repetition of a certain line – the things that don’t matter – making certain you take it in, which you do, and the music perfectly uplifts in a way that really enhances that laid back sentiment; that suggested lack of unnecessary concern. Then finally the hook, the central idea – the focus on how it feels, on the moment, the little things. The build up works well.


When you break down the lyrics, there’s a notable level of regret or sadness within the story-line, but on the whole the song has a sense of overcoming about it – of learning better, of recognising the strengths instead of the struggles. The music is so easy going, it creates the perfect rhythm and ambiance to calm an audience, and Milhe’s vocal performance excels throughout; the gentle qualities of the verses come with a lot of character and subtle grit, then the hook – the all important line that brings everything together – showcases the opposite end of the vocal spectrum, a touch of lightness that floats above everything else.

The Feel Of The Moment is a song you only need to hear a couple of times for it to feel like a classic. Really enjoyable and it’s a pleasure to hear new music from Milhe. Hopefully there’s more on the way.